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Love is the reason!

Published on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Love is the reason!

Valentines day is a week away and while some may see it as a 'consumer holiday' we think it is a day to take time to show our feelings of love, affection and friendship to our nearest and dearest!

So this morning over coffee we listed our top ten ideas for celebrating what love means to you!

1. A Romantic Get-away

Obviously this was our first pick....a beautiful candle lit meal, followed by a luxurious bubble bath and a lovely drink. A delicious cooked breakfast, followed by his and hers massages in your suite, relaxing walks around the French Country House farm lost in conversation... bliss!

2. Write a Love letter

A great gift doesn't have to be flamboyant or expensive- but it does have to be creative! Use your own conversational style, pick up a pen and write whatever comes to mind... 

3. Chocolate and Wine 

They say with a bottle of fine wine and some exquisite chocolate at your side there is no heart you cannot conquer. Enough said!

4.Venture out

Explore your local Park or Beach, pack a picnic or pick up take out from their favourite restaurant. Phones away, relax, reconnect and take in that sunset. 

5. Stay in 

What about an indoor picnic? Serve dinner on a blanket on the living room floor, light some candles and turn on your favourite music. To make it interesting what about an ethnic cuisine, or perhaps a breakfast spread!

6. Movies with a twist

Instead of haggling over a genre, leave it to chance! Close your eyes and pick - make sure you both agree to honor your choice!

7. Making memories

Be daring and create a new memory together, go rock climbing, book a bungee jump or sky dive!

8. Mystery trips are for all ages

Put aside a day or two and take a trip to nowhere in particular together! Just get in the car and drive. 

9. It feels good to give!

Spend some time volunteering for a cause you both support. Helping others can be a great way to spend time together and do some good in the process!

10. Give a gift

Oscar Wilde once said 'With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?' So considering this, a first edition of their favorite book, a posy of flowers you picked, or an evening out star gazing at the local Observatory. 

Happy Valentines, Love the French Country House

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Author: Traci

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